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    Hello! Welcome to Michelle Montero Photography. Michelle Montero is a Howard County, MD Portrait Photographer that specializes in on-location high school senior and children's portrait photography. Michelle currently services clients in Howard County, Carroll County, Baltimore County and Montgomery County.

Best Season to book high school senior portrait.

With fall in full swing and the leaves on the trees changing color, I’ve had many, many folks contact me for a last minute session. While I would LOVE to accommodate everyone this Fall season, my time (and the time of many photographers in the area) is fully booked. However, when I’m in conversation with the high school senior, or their parent, and mention Spring as an option, I get asked this:

“Do people get their high school senior portraits taken in the Spring?”

Let me break it down like this —-> In this area, many high school seniors get their yearbook portrait taken through their high school vendor. While you have a deadline to get those images in so you have a yearbook photo, you do not have a deadline in regards to your very separate high school senior portrait session booked with a different photographer. However, if that photographer is providing your high school yearbook photo, then it is most likely you will have to stick with Fall (depends on what that photographer offers).

When it comes to a custom portrait session, there really is no tried and true season to get your high school portraits taken. Some photographers use Spring to focus on the next year’s class by photographing current juniors and won’t book current seniors for the Spring season. Others keep their schedule open to current and future high school seniors.  Personally, I think it all depends on photographer and what works for you.

However, there are a few things to consider when booking your high school senior session:

1) Deadlines

Wait. What? I know. I know. First, I tell you there are no deadlines with a high school senior portrait photographer and now I’m going to tell you that there are. Think Grad Announcements. Think prints to display at your graduation party. These are the deadlines that you want to think about when you book with a high school senior portrait photographer. Be sure to plan ahead and schedule your portrait session so that you have time to order your announcements and prints in time for your graduation party.

2) Plan Ahead

Just when you think you have plenty of time to book your session, you don’t, and then there are no spots available for your senior. No matter the season, plan ahead. Book now. Act fast! Once the season starts to get underway, most photographers are booked 2-3 months out.

Bottom line, you do what works for you, but don’t dismiss a season simply because you heard somewhere that high school seniors only get their portraits taken a certain time of year. If it works for you and it’s when you have time, then do what’s best for you!

Digital Files - Do you really want them?

We live in the digital world. We all work on our computers. We own smart phones. We read our books on tablets. Holding an actual print or paper product in our hands, whether it be a book, a magazine or (gasp) an actual photo album, seems to be a thing of the past.  We find a cheaper and, presumably, a more reasonable solution that falls more inline with what we see in the world today. Digital images.

On pretty much every occasion I get asked if I offer digital files for purchase. While the answer to that is “yes” (once a print minimum has been purchased) I’m often surprised that most clients aren’t too sure why they want digital images. They just simply know that’s what people “do”. When I ask why they want to purchase digital files, my clients usually respond with a question.

“To share to Facebook??”

“To save for future use??” 

As a photographer, and a business owner, it’s my job is to educate my clients about the pros and cons of every decision that they make with me. Below I highlight why folks think they want digital files, what they think they will use those files for and why it’s not always the best option.

1) Social Media

Sure, I get it. You want to share those images online to your friends and family via social media. So, you just spent hundreds of dollars on an amazing photo session to purchase only digital files to share on social media?

OK. I don’t get it.

While I understand that you want to share your gorgeousness on social media (I want you to share it, too ;), did you know that most photographers (including myself) offer alternate means of sharing your images via social media? How about a mobile phone app? Or, a beautiful slideshow? So much more bang for the buck! Most of these items I give you once you reach a specific print minimum. And, if you purchase the image in print, I give you the low res social media file of that image. How about that??

2) To Save Them Forever and Ever…

OMG! You want to save all of your images on that beautiful USB that I gave you to be sure that you can cherish them forever and ever? That’s so sweet!

While I get it, I ask you this? Can you still view that film reel that grandpa made over 30+ years ago of your 6th birthday (obviously dating myself here)? I didn’t think so. In order for you to see that film, you either have to dig out that old projector or you have to bring it into a service to get it transferred to a CD (in our case, a VHS…then a CD). My point is, you will have your PRINT forever. You may hide it away in the attic, but when you stumble upon it, you will have it there in your hands to look at and to cherish.

Technology changes, prints will always be classic and available.

3) Purchase Prints via a Third Party

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve never once had a client ask for digital files so they can print at a high volume, low quality printer (think Target or Walmart). Most people that book a high school session fully intend to buy prints. However, the practice is going strong.

My thoughts are this. If you have spent a considerable amount of time, money and prep for your high quality boutique photography experience, why in the heck would you want to print at a low quality printer? My guess is, this is what you’re used to and it’s all that you know. If you are looking for a high quality print, it’s better to purchase that from your photographer (you won’t be sorry). We take the guesswork out of your decision. To be honest, I’m always surprised when my clients tell me how beautiful my products are. Are we so used to low quality photography that we’ve never seen a high quality product? I suspect “yes”.

4) I Scrapbook

I’ve got nothin’. Digital images for you it is!


The digital file debate in the photo industry is a HUGE one. Some photographers think it’s killing the industry. I’m not too sure where I stand, but let me be clear, I am NOT against selling digital files. I DO sell them. At many sales sessions folks will end up purchasing a few of their favorites with their print package. It’s fine. It’s the world we live in. I just want folks to understand that it’s not the BE ALL END ALL solution to the conclusion of your photography experience.

A different way to think about an all digital package is this:

You’re on your own. You’re on your own. You’re on your own.

If you are unsatisfied with your prints, you’re on your own. I for one DO NOT guarantee any print that is not ordered through me. In most cases, not all cases, once a photographer hands you that CD, you’re done.

Transaction complete.

Bottom line. You do what works for you. All I ask is that you take a moment to determine what you really want from your session. If you really ONLY want a CD/USB will all of your digital images then I say GO FOR IT!


***Please note that there are some kick a$$ high end photographers out there that only offer digital packages. However, they will cost you. Most high end photographers only allow you to print your own images via services that they have set up and WILL guarantee their images. Most of these individuals will also offer high end prints, but only if a client asks for it.***


  • Anda - Great post, Michelle! I agree with everything you’ve written and I realize that I need to now perhaps revise my packages. :)ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Thanks, Anda! I noticed a little trend when clients would ask about digital files. In the end, most clients really didn’t know what they wanted and just defaulted to the digital file. Once I showed them some of my print offerings, most never even bothered with the digital file because they already had what they needed.ReplyCancel

  • Heather - Michelle,

    Great post. I’ve been struggling with this. When I started a year or so ago I thought digital prints were just the way the industry worked now. Turns out, I was mistaken. I’m not revising now I sell my finished product and your post was very similar to my thoughts on the subject. I was trying to figure out how to explain to new and existing clients why digitals are not the optimal route. This helped me very much! Thanks for this!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - So glad that it helped you, Heather! I’ve had clients who were adamant about digital files completely change their minds once they saw the images and never buy a single digital file. It’s amazing :)ReplyCancel

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Jessica was also one of our amazing models at the Gloss/MMP Fells Point Session last year and I was over the freaking moon when she contacted me to do her senior portraits! This Class of 2014 – Atholton High School Senior is quite possibly in Ohio right now getting ready to start her freshman year in college, so it almost feels a little strange sharing her high schools senior portraits in late August…but I sooooo don’t care (Better late than never, right?? ). Girlfriend looked amazing and did an incredible job in front of the camera.

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